(EN) Solution – Shopware production template – Docker and Linux – 500 internal server error for Frontend – Backend is working

Here the solution for a super ugly bug which costs us endless hour of work but we finally found the solution.

Problem is - Shopware 6  Frontend shows a 500 internal server error using production template

We used the production Template and running in a Docker Instance under Linux.

Shopware Version


We used the included docker-compose.yml, added a service for adminer, set the DATABASE_URL and added an extra_hosts entry "localhost:" + set the APP_URL.

Everything double checked and searched endless hours. Everything incl. sales channel seemed to be correct

internal server error

Backend working - Frontend Showing error

Shopware Backend working - Frontend not working

After importing a db dump of the project and updating the sales channel to http://localhost I am only getting HTTP 500 in the frontend no matter what we did.

Backend works fine and the shop is not logging anything in var/log/ when trying to access the frontend.

The solution for Shopware Frontend is not running but backend is running

There is a bug in Shopware Version 6.3.X it allows only Port :80.

No other ports are allowed by Shopware. And the port can't be changed by admin interface (second Bug) which covered the inital bug.

The production template has set Port :8000 which does not work. And there is a bug in Admin settings which prevents to change the port.

The port has to be changed by database to 80 or it has to be done a update (not tested) which fixes the second bug of beeing able to change the port via admin.

On Shopware Slack Channel finaly we foudn the info regarding the port. After Change of the port it was working.

We did not spot any information in the documentation how to set up a production template and the hint regarding port 80. If someone spotted a documentation / how to for the production template feel free to add into the comments.

Here is the bug related to change the port of Shopware sales Chanel by admin Allow ports in sw-url-field


(DE) Shopware 6 production Template - Frontend funktioniert, Backend zeigt 500er internal Server error

Das Problem war/ist ein Bug im production Template von Shopware 6 für Docker. Die Version funktioniert so schlicht nicht. Der Port :8000 ist nicht erlaubt bzw. funktioniert nicht. Der Sales Channel muss auf Port :80 liegen.

Es ist somit nötig den Port einfach nur zu ändern, dann läuft das Template. Das ist natürlich etwas "ärgerlich", dass das Shopware Template von Haus aus erstmal defekt ist und nicht funktionsfähig.

Does it help? Please add a comment

We spent multiple days searching shopware community and asking on slack without any clue. If we helped you it would be great to get a comment 😉

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